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2018 KMHoF Induction Ceremony and Concert

will be held Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Kansas Music Hall of Fame was established in August, 2004, to recognize and honor performers and others who have made significant contributions to the musical history of the state of Kansas and the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. The Hall of Fame will endeavor to promote public interest in the musicians of the past and encourage those of the present and future.

Bill Lee Memorial Fund

The voting deadline for 2018 has been extended to midnight Dec. 2nd. Ballots of potential 2018 inductees have already been emailed to members in good standing of the KMHoF, and former inductees that we have in our database. Write-in votes are allowed (up to three). If you haven't received a ballot, and feel you should, please email us at with your contact info, and a ballot will be promptly dispatched. All votes must be received by midnight, Dec 2nd. The 2018 induction and concert will be held Saturday, April 14th, 2018 at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, KS. You must be a member or past inductee to vote. Go to our website for more info on membership. Allen Blasco • President • Kansas Music Hall of Fame